Guidelines for UBC Okanagan Admin News emails

Admin News emails act as a channel for UBC Okanagan’s leadership to inform and engage broader topics at the university.  

Admin News emails are sent to the Okanagan campus executive, deans, directors, managers or head of an academic or administrative unit, or members of the Okanagan Campus Communicators Network. 

Questions should be directed to Cait Wills, communications and marketing strategist, at 

About Admin News emails

Admin News emails may be used to communicate the following: 

  • Advance notice of university-wide initiatives or organizational changes that will be communicated to the broader UBC Okanagan campus community 
  • Updates on previous institutional messaging/invitations for feedback 
  • Large-scale project updates/developments 
  • Large-scale consultations and updates 
  • New tools or services for departments or individual faculty and staff 
  • Advance notice and/or follow up related to high-profile media coverage 
  • Organizational changes that do not affect significant numbers of faculty or staff 
  • Senior-level appointments/changes (Director, Associate Dean or Chair level) 
  • Unplanned or short-notice service outages or interruptions 

When Admin News emails are sent

Admin News emails are normally issued Monday to Thursday, with a maximum of one Admin News email distributed each day. However, it is possible for an Admin News email to be issued on the same day as a Global email. 

Ownership, approvals and requirements

Admin News emails are owned by the email signatory or the head of the department identified. University Relations acts as the steward/facilitator of the channel.  

All messages must be requested at least five working days before the distribution date, and be approved by a member of the Okanagan campus executive, or a dean or director. 

University Relations adopts the role of advisor around message content and timing. 


To be considered for an Admin News email, the subject matter should fit the following criteria: 

Timeliness: The information must be timely and must have significant importance for the majority of individuals within the intended audience and/or the operations of the campus. 

Approval: The message must have approval from a member of the Okanagan campus executive, dean, director, manager or head of an academic or administrative unit. 

Relevance: Admin News emails must communicate time-sensitive information that engages broader leadership on campus. 

Adherence to existing policies: All existing UBC policies governing communication shall be applicable to Admin News emails. Se in particular Policy #96: Communications (PDF) and Policy #104: Acceptable Use and Security of UBC Electronic Information and Systems (PDF). The text of these policies are available on the University Counsel website. 


Admin News emails are sent to the Okanagan campus executive, deans, directors, managers or head of an academic or administrative unit, or members of the Okanagan Campus Communicators Network. 

To request be added to the Admin News distribution list, contact Chris Guenard, digital channels communications coordinator, at 250 807 9932 or 

Other internal communication tools

There are a number of internal communications tools available to the on-campus community to disseminate university-related information.  

The main internal communications tool is The Exchange, the bi-weekly internal e-newsletter.  Other options include: 

These communications tools should be used for all non-emergency announcements or information.  More information is available at: 

Other forms of on-campus communication include departmental newsletters, posters, and emails sent to department or faculty assistants.