Global and Admin News emails to faculty and staff

The following guidelines have been developed in an effort to ensure that the community at UBC’s Okanagan campus is kept informed of key issues and announcements and to minimize the number of unsolicited emails received by faculty and staff.

Global emails

Global emails are used by UBC Okanagan’s senior leadership to communicate time-sensitive, campus-wide messages to Okanagan faculty and staff.

Recognizing delegated Deputy Vice-Chancellor authority, Global emails also originate at the request of members of the Okanagan campus executive.

They may be used to communicate the following:

  • Large scale announcements such as the downtown Kelowna presence
  • Updates on high profile or campus-wide topics such as COVID-19, TRC commitments or systemic racism policies
  • Executive appointments/changes at VP level
  • Senior-level appointments/changes (Dean, AVP, Executive Director or Senior Advisor to DVC level)
  • Organizational changes that affect significant numbers of students, faculty and/or staff
  • Urgent campus safety or health updates, emergency planning or campus disruptions
  • Messages from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor or President
  • Large-scale consultations and initiatives championed by a member of the Okanagan campus executive

To find out more, read the full set of Global email guidelines.

Questions should be directed to Cait Wills, Communications and Marketing Strategist, at

Admin News emails

Admin News emails act as a channel for UBC Okanagan’s leadership to inform and engage broader topics at the university.

Admin News emails are sent to the Okanagan campus executive, deans, directors, managers or head of an academic or administrative unit, or members of the Okanagan Campus Communicators Network.

Admin News emails may be used to communicate the following:

  • Advance notice of university-wide initiatives or organizational changes that will be communicated to the broader UBC Okanagan campus community
  • Updates on previous institutional messaging/invitations for feedback
  • Large-scale project updates/developments
  • Large-scale consultations and updates
  • New tools or services for departments or individual faculty and staff
  • Advance notice and/or follow up related to high-profile media coverage
  • Organizational changes that do not affect significant numbers of faculty or staff
  • Senior-level appointments/changes (Director, Associate Dean or Chair level)
  • Unplanned or short-notice service outages or interruptions

To find out more, read the full set of Admin News email guidelines.

Questions should be directed to Cait Wills, Communications and Marketing Strategist, at

Other internal communication tools

There are a number of internal communications tools available to the on-campus community to disseminate university-related information.

  • The Exchange, a bi-weekly internal e-newsletter to faculty and staff that serves as a key internal communications tool
  • Digital signage (displayed in buildings on campus)
  •, the online events calendar for the Okanagan campus.

These communications tools should be used for all non-emergency announcements or information.  More information is available at

Other forms of on-campus communication include departmental newsletters, posters, and emails sent to department or faculty assistants.