The Exchange is a newsletter distributed to faculty and staff.

September 6, 2023—As part of a new pilot program, The Exchange is now distributed weekly to help ensure employees never miss out on important updates and events.

The new newsletter is more skimmable and reader friendly, giving you easy access to the information that matters most and giving you a concise, streamlined, and engaging connection to the pulse of campus every week.

When is the Exchange sent?

The Exchange is distributed every Wednesday.   

When is the submission deadline?   

For inclusion in Wednesday’s newsletter, content must be submitted by 12 pm on the preceding Friday.  

Don’t forget to include: 

  • A clear and appealing headline (12 words maximum) 
  • A short blurb about your topic (30 words maximum) 
  • A clear call to action (e.g. “Learn more” or “Register now”) 
  • (Optional) A high-quality image (.jpg or .png) at 1000×600 pixels, in landscape orientation 

Any late submissions will be included in the following weeks’ distribution.     

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Upcoming deadlines 

Submission Deadline 

Publication Date 

June 7 June 12
June 14 June 19
June 21 June 26
June 28 July 3

Content best practices


Write action-oriented headlines that are accessible and engaging (12 words maximum). Headlines should stand on their own without supporting copy. Be sure that they articulate your key message and how your audience stands to benefit.


Keep submissions short and use descriptive verbs. Body content should include a summary of the message using 280 characters or less—like a social media post.


If an update is worth sharing again, give it a fresh spin to highlight an alternative perspective and captivate a new wave of interest.

Repeated content usually sees an average 60 per cent drop off in click-throughs from one newsletter to the next, so if it’s worth repeating it’s also worth providing another take on the content.


Write content from the perspective of faculty and staff who will receive the Exchange newsletter. Copy should highlight aspects of an event or topic that are most valuable and engaging to the audience.


The Exchange newsletter is just one way of sharing information with faculty and staff. Many campus partners also have their own newsletters and channels that allow them to engage in much more meaningful ways with targeted audiences. If you are unsure of the best way to promote your message internally, please reach out to Alex Graham at

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