Community Engagement Commitment

Building on Existing Community Engagement Initiatives

The Community Engagement Commitment in UBC’s plan, Place and Promise, envisions increased engagement between the University and local, national and international communities. The community engagement commitment seeks to build on the strength of existing community engagement across the University, aspires to highlight important achievements and lessons, and aims to define the place of engagement as it contributes to the University’s overall strategy.

UBC Place and Promise Community Engagement Commitment

UBC exists for the communities it serves: local, provincial, national, and global. An integral part of those communities, the University enters into relationships where decisions about means and ends are made collaboratively, costs and benefits are shared, and learning is reciprocal.

Beginning with interest and outreach and moving through engagement and empowerment, UBC recognizes degrees of commitment and nurtures relationships along the full spectrum. In its highest form, community engagement casts the community partner in the leading role with the University acting in support.

With multiple sites and a global reach, UBC dedicates its resources to dialogue and action on issues of public priority. As international acclaim for its service orientation grows, the University expands the notion of service beyond traditional forms and increases opportunities for participation.

Community engagement brings the full force of our combined experiences, expertise, and knowledge to bear on the salient questions of our time. Is there anything that, together, we cannot create?

To advance the community engagement commitment, Place and Promise identifies goals and actions to guide planning and evaluate progress.

Goal: Dedicate University resources to public understanding of societal issues and stimulate action for positive change.

Action: Facilitate deliberative public dialogue on issues of public concern and actively invite community participation.

Action: Facilitate engagement of faculty and students in public policy development

Goal: Be a leader in fostering student, faculty, staff, and alumni engagement within the wider community.

Action: Increase student, faculty and staff participation in community service learning, community based research and service to the community

Action: Better define and assess “service” for purposes of tenure and promotion

Action: Increase community use of learning, cultural and outdoor venues on UBC’s campuses and sites